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Hytera Radios

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Hytera Analogue Radios

Hytera DMR Radios As a premium member of DMR Association, Hytera has mastered this technology. All our DMR products fully meet ETSI DMR requirements and feature innovative applications. Hytera Analogue Radio Hytera stays on the world's cutting-edge of technology and keeps researching and developing wireless two-way radio series that caters to the needs of the professional, commercial and civilian markets

Hytera Licence Free Radios

Hytera TETRA Radios

Hytera License Free Radios All PMR446 radio products can be used without a radio licence providing that they comply with the requirements of the PMR446 European standard licence-free radio service. Hytera Tetra Radios Hytera TETRA radios for tailored solutions. The digital trunking system offers voice and data transmission services for emergency, business, industry and public communication

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