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Industry 2 Way Radio - TP Radio TP8000

TP8000 Radio, TP RADIO

The TP8000 from TP Radio is a portable 2 way radio with outstanding mechanical robustned & state of the art technology. This waterproof 2 way radio is rated IP67, is very user-friendly and is the ultimate communication tool for industry, firebrigades, rescue and security, coast guards, airports, public authorities, ministries, municipalities, service organisations, mining, forestry, oil & offshore etc.

The TP8000 radio comes in different frequency bands VHF & UHF (68-88, 136-174, 335-470 & 876-925 MHz). User parameters can be programmed both from the keypad and by means of a PC via a cordless infrared link.

  VHF 4m VHF 2m UHF 1 UHF 11
Frequency 68 - 88 136 - 174 350 - 410 400 - 470
No. of Channels 127
Channel Spacing 12.5, 20 or 25 KHz
Output Power Programmable 0.5 - 5 Watt
IP Classification IP67
Temp. Range -25°C TO + 55°C
Dimensions 146 x 61 x 37mm

The TP8000 Radio is designed for compatibility with all the latest PMR signalling standards / formats and it is compatible with all conventional signalling systems.

This Waterproof 2 Way Radio is submersible into 1m. of water (IP67) and its compact design makes it convenient and easy to operate.

The basic version of includes software / hardware for 127 channels, DTMF encoder, FFSK encoder & decoder (without protocol) and 4 power levels.

TP8000 radio is available as standard PMR radio, shunting radio, ranger radio,  marine radio, onboard communication radio etc.

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2 Way Radios
  • Watertight ( IP67 & MIL810F)
  • Graphic display
  • Channel Scanning
  • Programmable from key-pad/ PC via cordless infrared link
  • Channel dependent CTCSS
  • Channel dependent TX power
  • Programmable 0,5 to 5w output power
  • Channel scanning (all channels)
  • FFSK (Option) 1200 & 2400 bps
  • Stun & Wake-up
  • 127 Channels
  • Full bandwidth
  • Optional GMSK data 9.6 /19.2 Kbps
  • CCIR/ZVEI/EEA / CTCSS & DTMF signalling
  • Individual Call
  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Emergency Call
  • Text Message Call (SMS)
  • Vibrator alert
  • Clock with alarm clock function
  • Alarm
  • Thermometer function
  • TP8000 GSM-R Radio / Railroad Radio TP8000 Atlantis - Portable Marine Radio
    This GSM-R Handset is designed for communication on railroads on the GSM-R frequency bands. The TP8000 GSM-R Radio is compatible with all the latest PMR signalling standards & conventional signalling systems.

    GSM-R Radio / GSM-R Handset
    The TP8000 Atlantis is available as a 2 way Marine Radio approved for ON BOARD communication (UHF version). The radio is watertight and is an ultimate tool for use in harsh marine environments.

    TP8000 Atlantis
    Please contact us for the full range of accessories
    available to compliment this Industry 2 Way Radio
      TP Radio BS2000 - VHF, UHF Repeater
    TP Radio, TP8000   TP Radio BS2000
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